With a territorial extension of approximately 801,000 square kilometers, Mozambique is located in the southeastern portion of the African continent.

Mozambique, like most countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, unfortunately has several socioeconomic problems, and according to a report by the United Nations Agency, Mozambique has more than half of the population in a vulnerable scenario. Unfortunately, there are more than 22 million people in difficulty. Of these, 63% live below the poverty line.

Poverty reflects the lack of opportunities, deprivation and lack of means of survival that make it difficult for the local to enjoy better living conditions and their integration into society. Even with projects that help Mozambique, the nation still remains in the group of countries with the lowest human development index.

Walking kilometers to find water (which is not suitable for consumption), staying days without eating or not having access to education, is the reality of Mozambicans. Developing fair and quality growth in this society is our focus. Given that the population has difficulties in the pillars of health, education and quality of life.

Health: It is linked to nutrition, mortality rate and personal hygiene conditions.

Education: Which refers to the quality of education and school attendance.

Quality of life: Situations related to basic sanitation, employment opportunity and integration with society.

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