Construction of water wells 

Even with so many innovations today, obtaining clean and drinking water is not the reality of many families around the world.

Having access to adequate water is fundamental for well-being and quality of life. When this service is not offered in the community it generates impacts on the routine of thousands of people who walk kilometers and without structure to acquire a type of water that is not indicated for consumption, as it can bring diseases and unfortunately cause an increase in the mortality rate in the country.

And so that the population can have the minimum of basic sanitation we have the project to drill artesian wells with access to qualified drinking water for human consumption, bringing clean, healthy and abundant water to countless people in various areas of society.

Help us bring drinking water and quality of life to the population, basic conditions that human beings need to live and that represent physical, mental, psychological, and emotional well-being. Conditions that are also linked to health and other issues that affect human life.