About Us

The objective of Seed Of Life For Nations is to improve the performance of social pillars in Mozambique, Brazil and other countries. Understanding the meaning of the importance of transformation in the human being and the impact it generates on the community is the guarantee that we can have a better future.

When we are committed to advancing the community, we understand all topics, such as education, health, environment, etc. They are interdependent. Working with them and prioritizing the needs of the community and their relationships, we are more likely to change the local status quo.

Developing a society is seeking better living conditions for people living in that area, always respecting the community and taking into account its values, principles and history. By changing lives, we perceive the interaction of residents in the activities we offer and this makes it much easier to turn dreams into realities. We raise awareness of the potential of the region and

Promoting a social plan for the growth of the community as a whole.

Each of us has the power to change our lives, we become stronger and for sure, together we go further! We believe in a united society that actively participates in social changes.

Although local residents help in construction, the participation of other participants is also essential.

We invite everyone to participate in our dream, creating a better future, so that everyone has more possibilities!

Our 3 Pillars

Education - We facilitate access to education, allowing people to build their future and thus increasing their chances of living outside the poverty zone.

Child Care - We provide essential care and services so that children and their families realize their potential, become integrated members of society with rights, duties, opportunities in a better future.

Health - Our program aims to ensure that each individual has an adequate standard of living to maintain health. Investing in food and basic sanitation.


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