Brazil has its peculiarities due to the great plurality regarding culture, race, ethnicity, among many others that mark its values.

Inequality in some places in Brazil is evident, because with little investment by the government it is very clear why the difference is caused between some places, because there are numerous factors that influence the infrastructure of the regions, among them: the improvement of public health, basic sanitation, education, housing, among others.

However, social inequality in Brazil occurs throughout the country and when we deal with large urban centers the situation and the consequences of this evil seem to be even greater and worse. The high rates of violence such as drug trafficking, robberies and murders are just some of the consequences generated by this.

Brazil is marked by a poor quality of life, the scenario of the Brazilian reality is alarming, education is in a delicate situation.

For these and other reasons our project develops activities for the growth of society in Brazil with the objective of reducing social inequality, generating more life opportunities with quality and respect. We believe that the only way to significantly improve life is to help others.