Child Care Center

What are we doing to change tomorrow?

Did you know that in certain places children under five years of age suffer from chronic malnutrition and 2% of adolescents do not complete primary education?

This harsh reality is the consequence of children and adolescents who need to stop their studies to go to work, and try to ensure something to eat. Some of them were abandoned by the family, or lost their parents because of some illness.
And in this situation the whole future of the child is compromised, this routine of child labor and with the scarcity of studies they are impaired in their personal and professional development, even interfering with their communication and participation with society.
Our project makes it possible to bring to these children education, health, food, culture, leisure and among other activities that should be an obligation of the state. We are offering knowledge and programs that are the main reasons for our tomorrow to be better and fairer for everyone, protecting and caring for our children today.
Help us continue this project, which develops children with wisdom, respect, dignity, protection and appropriate care for their evolution as a human being.